Dj Studio: Best Android Music Mixer App For Phones / Tablets

With the evolution of smart devices, a lot more can be expected in terms of entertainment and creative apps. Music makers being one of them. With headphones on, the feel to mix some music is always there. Exclusively when we are traveling, flowing with the weather, or just hanging out with friends. DJ Studio is an app which makes this very idea happen. It creates the notion of mixing songs and scratching on the very screen of your device. Users can also call it on-the-go music mixing application. It is one simple scratch and mix application available in Google Play Store. Its reviewed well by the users as updates have been rolled out since the last three years or so (when the app was launched on then called Android Market). In simple terms, this app allows user to mix songs with scratching abilities.

DJ Studio

Key features of Dj Studio include: 2 desks (maximum), real DJ (disc) physics, browse music library to add tracks to a editable playlist, 3 band equalizer for each deck, cue points, live recording option and waveform view, 16 channel sampler, and auto mixing feature. Dj Studio is completely free application and doesn’t involve any kind of fees or up selling material. Users only have to pay when buying skins (which is fair enough). Application involves ads but can be removed freely from settings.

dj studio mix android app

dj studio mix android

By going into menu (tap menu button), users can toggle between single deck and twin deck, force cross-fade, and or register the app to unlock the playback time. Built in recording module gives you full control over adding and mixing new sounds.

dj studio mix android

Note: Sony Tablet users can enjoy dual screen view from this app.

Feel free to comment if you have used one. (send us a picture and we might add it to this review). Overall a great mix and scratch app on the go for Android users. Its simple, easy to use regardless of what level you fall into!.

Enjoy the Dj Studio promotional video below.

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