My Docs Android App For Google Docs [Free Android App]

Wohoo – now you can easily access, manage, and upload your Google Docs account from an Android device by using My Docs application. By using it you can easily create, filter, star, share, rename, delete and upload documents from your Google Docs account. Value addition is given to this application; you can add a widget to the Home Screen for quicker access to your information.

Uses of this application:

  • You can create, edit and update you documents from handset
  • You can upload files from your handset to your account
  • You can search and filter you list of documents
  • You can use the widget for fast access to documents

You can follow these steps for Adding a Widget to get access of your documents from your home screen

  • Press the Home key
  • There is a space available for you to add a widget
  • Press the Menu key for menu options
  • Tap the Add menu option
  • Tap Widget from the list of add menu options

Now you are done with it.

For creating new document you need to follow these steps

  • Go to main menu
  • select either New Document or New Spreadsheet
  • On the new dialog give the document a name
  • From the widget, select New and then either Document or Spreadsheet
  • Then on the new dialog give the document a name

See, your new document is created!

You can modify a File by going through these steps

  • Press and hold on it and choose the type of modification (share, star, rename, delete).
    To modify multiple documents,
  • Press the Menu and select the type of modifications.
  • A new screen will come up that will allow you to select a single or multiple documents to modify.

You can upload a File by following these steps

  • From the main menu, select the Upload menu option
  • From the search window, press MENU and select Upload
  • From the widget, select “Upload” located in the bottom right.

It is done. You can download it for Free from HERE .

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