Dogfight Lite Android Is a WWI Based Airplane Android Game

Dogfight is a WWI based airplane Android game for Android 2.2 or higher. The game is fully action packed with fun and entertainment in its newer version 3.1. As per your choice you can play online enormous Dogfights or can enjoy solo flying for fun.

Dogfight a 3D game for Android Users

You can fly through training level to get hands on game for a fight against enemy plains. All that requires is practice and players will have to calibrate the controls before playing, as in the beginning you may find some difficulty with controls.
Changes made in recent version by listening to customer’s reviews, are as below:

*Faster loading time

*Terrain now improved radically

* Improved multi player experience

* Chat bugs are fixed in this version

* Memory consumption reduced by half

* Added enemy targeting on multi player

* You can now choose a Weather of your choice: sunny, rain or snow

Dogfight does not support Samsung with Android< 2.2. Get and play Dogfight to experience the new look and feel of the game, with live multiplayer action.

Players of the game needs some improvements in the version, like more level to be added, flight control is poor and hence needs improvements and game resolution doesn’t fix to screen. I believe with all these updates the game could be a great fun. You can download it for free.


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