Don’t Be Evil, Can We Trust Google?[Infographic]

When it comes to search engines and online businesses, most users don’t give much thought to who’s behind these services. We just assume that they are neutral and objective systems. After all, we use them every day. They help us find the information we need and they make it easy for us to access the websites that matter most to us.

However, there is growing concern among many internet users that Google in particular may not be as neutral or trustworthy as we once believed. There are suspicions that their services may be biased toward certain types of content or companies, which has prompted some people to wonder: Can we trust Google?

Can we trust Google?

There is no denying that Google is one of the biggest players in the search engine market today – after all, its homepage leads the list of “most visited sites” almost every single month – but there are also reasons why some people might hesitate when trusting them with their personal data and browsing habits. This infographic titled ‘Mother, Can We trust Google?’, looks at the company’s timeline, issues and problems faced during this whole era.

can we trust google infographic
source: digitalinformationworld

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