How To Download Instagram Stories And Reels

Found an interesting Instagram story and would want to download it later. Instagram by default doesn’t allow content download even if it’s public. Well, this can be done with the help of tools and services which are available online. You can easily download Instagram stories and other content for later viewing or sharing. Instagram by default doesn’t allow content download even if it’s public. In this article, we will look at available tools which allow you to download Instagram Stories, reels and other related public content.

download Instagram stories for free
Inflact download Instagram stories (example account: Khaby00)

Inflact Apps

Inflact is a marketing toolkit for marketers and provides free tools to view and download Instagram content. This also includes Stories and Reels.

Inflact Instagram Stories

Inflact has quite a few Instagram tools in place, Stories being one of them. Simply add or paste the user name and click Download Stories. The tool will process the account and present all videos which can be downloaded as an mp4 file.

Inflact Instagram Reels

You can download Instagram Reels for free using the Reels tool. Simply paste an Instagram reel URL and click Download Reels. The download link will be visible afterwards.


InStories is the second one on our list. You can enter a username and click the search icon. The tool will process all Stories for the account and will present them in a grid. Videos can be played and downloaded. This is a completely free service and you don’t need an account to view open accounts or pages from Instagram. A great free tool to download Instagram stories, videos and reels.

download instagram stories reels videos

iGram is another free service which allows users to download photos and videos from Instagram accounts. Copy the URL of the media asset (photo, video, etc.), paste the link and download the file with available quality options. For photos, iGram allows multiple photo downloads. Similar to other apps, all content published on Instagram by the public can be viewed and downloaded from here.


Download Instagram stories, videos, reels, photos and IGTV online content using Snapinsta. Paste Instagram media URL and click download. Snapinsta allows single or multiple photo downloads and IGTV downloads which makes it stand out a bit. Snapinsta also has an Android app available.


Reelit allows Instagram photos, reels, videos, posts and stories download. It’s free to use and also has an Android app available for mobile devices. In three easy steps, you can copy the link to the Instagram asset and paste it into Reelit to download.

In conclusion, one important note is these anonymous viewers enable content download for accounts which are public on the internet. Any private account or content cannot be accessed with these tools. Apart from these third-party web apps, you could also utilize methods such as screen recording to record specific content. It’s not an easy process as you’d need to utilize existing screen recording capabilities on your device or use some third-party app to do the recording.

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