Download TBO-ROM For Android 1.6

When it comes to custom ROMs and mobile hacks, XDA developers always rock as they keep developing such things. A guy named tbo-art at XDA-Developers forum has developed a custom ROM for Android 1.6 . This ROM is called Tbo-rom and is the ever first ROM developed by the tbo-art. Based on MondoROM and the Orange ROM, Tbo-rom seems interesting.

Tbo ROM For Android 1.6

According to the developer, ROM information and details are as under:

  • Android 1.6
  • su + Superuser
  • Kernel from MondoROM
  • Busybox
  • Apps2SD
  • Market v2.3.4 patched
  • White Sense UI
  • Wireless Tethering

To flash it you need Amon-RA recovery.  If it your first time of flashing this ROM, you need to consider one more notable thing – to do a nandroid and wipe. As it is an Android 1.6 ROM FM-radio and camera works fine. You need an EXT3 partition for the Apps2SD but do remember that taking the SDcard out of your Tattoo is restricted then. In case you won’t be able to download from market, you need to reboot your Tattoo to let it work.

For more information and downloading this ROM please check out the forum thread.



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