Download Utopia Beta 1 – GB Themed Froyo Build Rom For Notion Ink

Do you own a Notion Ink tablet and looking for some custom ROM that is clean stock Android experience with a taste of latest Gingerbread? Smile, as a guy at NotionInkHacks has developed a custom ROM.

Details of this ROM are as under:

  • Zpad Based ROM
  • GB elements and animations
  • Market/Maps/Youtube Preinstalled
  • Boot animation/GPS libraries/Camera Libraries/PixelQi apk from Eden
  • Boot.img with secure=0, CIFS and NTFS
  • 78HZ Framebuffer (Vega contributer, will update)

According to the developer as it is an early build, there can be some bugs which are then reported by another guy in the same thread.  Those issues / bugs are mentioned as follows:

  • Voice search sometimes force closes, use different keyboard or uninstall voice search for now
  • Pixel Qi button mapped as voice search. Pixel Qi button does not work and voice search is broken.
  • Will boot loop if you don’t clear cache and factory reset. Very clean and fast. Nice alternative for those who prefer a standard Android experience.
  • To use copy to sd and flash via vol up and power.

Waiting for what? Download Utopia Beta 1 – GB Themed Froyo Build ROM from THIS LINK .

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