Full Dump For Droid Incredible 2

Droid Incredible 2 Android Smartphone was just acknowledged to run on Verizon with an attractive logo. This Android Smartphone is pretty similar to the HTC Incredible S. Some of you may be getting amazed why I am telling you all this stuff here at this forum? I’ve got exciting news for Android community by Rommadict that give us the way to have a full Dump of the Droid Incredible 2 Android Smartphone.

Droid Incredible 2 Full Dumb

TalkAndroid by looking at this set of files, assuming it’s the same, and let me tell you that it IS the same, since that’s how these things go, so lets recreate what they’ve got and compare notes, in a sort of way:

-Sense 2.1 with landscape previews


-Golf game

-No Bing


-Wi-Fi Router app


-Blockbuster app

-No Netflix

There have been rumours that an Android Netflix app will arrive soon, but to me it has arrived pretty earlier than people expected it to appear. If you are excited enough to download the file immediately, then you may head to the discussion forum to find the files as hosted by Rommadict on multi upload. You absolutely will love it once you used it.




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