Dual-Screen Iconia “Touchbook”- Released By Acer

A much anticipated dual screen tablet “Touchbook” has been released by Acer- combined the power of Intel Core i5 processing with the familiarity of Windows 7. Touchbook being the first and only tablet that offers touch-enabled 14-inch high-definition widescreen LED backlit LCDs made of high-strength Gorilla Glass that allow for typing, multi-touch, and gestures. With a wipe and clean coating, it’s easy to keep the displays shiny and smudge-free. Touchbook is said to incorporate the best features of any notebook or tablet device and hence won this year’s prestigious “Last Gadget Standing” award at CES.

Acer Iconia TouchBook

Touchbook is certainly going to change the way people use technology to engage with the world. Acer has created an entirely new interface for “Touchscreen”, an odd “ring” interface to enable you select items on screen by making a claw with your hand and spinning onscreen images.

Following are the main features of Acre Iconia Touchbook:

–          The Heart of Iconia – ‘the Acer Ring Control Interface’: The unique Acer Ring Control Interface makes navigating by touch simple and intuitive.

–          User can customize what is shown on each screen, allowing them to watch a video on the top screen and browse their multimedia library on the bottom one, or view a single web page across the two displays

–          Flexibility to use a finger, type on a virtual keyboard, or use a combination of both

–          The Virtual Keyboard gives users the ability to enter data and navigate in a familiar fashion.

–          Easy-to-use Tools: Appearing directly on the Acer Ring are a number of useful functions and tools, including Virtual Keyboard, Gesture Editor, Capture, Webclip, Window Manager and Device Control

–          Includes the new USB 3.0 standard with a top speed that’s 10 times faster than standard USB 2.0; a 25GB high definition video file can be transferred from an external USB 3.0 storage device in just 70 seconds and stored on the roomy 640GB SATA hard drive. Two 2.0 USB ports and an HDMI port are also included

“The Acer Iconia Touchbook delivers a computing and visual experience like no other,”

said Eric Ackerson, senior product marketing manager, Acer America. “Whether the Touchbook is used by a small business owner or a student, its unique dual screen design enhances the interaction they will have with their digital data. Our compelling design and applications will let them discover new and much more personal ways to communicate and enjoy the computing experience, regardless of whether it’s work related or for personal enjoyment.”

It is shipping in April for $1,199.99.



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