Easily Schedule A Call Using Google Meet And Calendar

If you are an active Gmail user, the ability to do video conferencing and send invites is an easy win. Apps such as Google Meet and Calendar make this possible. Smart Google Apps integrations make this all happen. In this article, we look at how you can effectively schedule a call using Google Meet and Calendar. The attendees don’t need an account to join the call so you can invite anyone. This is a big plus as a Google account is not required. All that needs to be done is for the host to admit the attendee to the call.

How to Schedule a Call Using Google Meet and Calendar From Desktop Browser

Let’s jump right into it.

Login to your Gmail account and click the Google Apps icon (from the top menu next to the Profile icon).

schedule call using google meet and calendar
Google Apps dropdown

Select the Calendar app.

Now you can hit the ‘Create’ button or you can click on any of the boxes from the timeline or grid.

google calendar view
Google Calendar view

If we were to select anywhere from within the grid, a dialogue screen will pop up on the screen. For example, referring to the image above – we select 1 to 2 PM. Below modal will show up where one can define the details of the event, task, reminder or appointment schedule.

google meet event task creation
Google Meet event/task creation

From this screen, the host can also add guests (email addresses) and enable ‘Google Meet video conferencing’, description and add attachments if needed. Once you input the first email address, the Google Meet section will get populated. This will enable the option to copy the Google Meet meeting information and share it with anyone.

Easily Schedule A Call Using Google Meet And Calendar
Google Meet meeting information

And now you are all set to have your meeting. Do check out our article related to Google Meet tips and tricks to make your meeting efficient.

You can always go back and make meeting updates from the Calendar app. These updates could include adding more guests, changing times or even deleting the event altogether. From the Calendar grid, you can select the event, edit it or delete it with or without a cancellation note for guests.

Easily Schedule A Call Using Google Meet And Calendar

How to Schedule a Call Using Google Meet and Calendar From Mobile

To do the same from a mobile device, the steps are pretty much similar except for you to have a more intuitive user experience right on your handheld device.

Open the Calendar app and tap on the ‘+’ icon. (The calendar app should be available on your Android device by default. If for some reason it is not there, you can download it from the Google Play store.)

google calendar event creation types
Google Calendar – creation types

You will be presented with a few options (depending on your Google Apps plan), and select ‘Event’ (this will be present regardless of your plan).

Easily Schedule A Call Using Google Meet And Calendar
Android – Calendar App

Add in the details (time, attendees/guests) and tap on ‘Add Video Conferencing’. Google Meet link should be visible at this point.

schedule with google meet and calendar

Save the event on Google Calendar. You can always go back into the calendar and edit the event type to get the Google Meet information or to change the event altogether. The same steps will apply to iPhone and iPad (iOS) users.

Google Meet and Calendar work well together given the nature of apps and how well Google apps are integrated with each other in general. They can be easily accessed from any device and are well supported.

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