Elvis Is A Wallpaper App For Android

Elvis Android App

Elvis Presley, known as “The King” was a legendary rock and roll icon, fascinates legions of fans to this day, even though he died thirty years ago. Elvis the Legend Wallpaper was developed for Android by Pro Live Wallpapers This live wallpaper app for Android devices automatically changes the background of your device every 5 minutes. The wallpapers keep on changing and span Elvis’s entire career on your background.

You will be able to find more than 15 images of Elvis themed app; the legend known and loved as the King of Rock and Roll. Well let me say that this app is heart taking because the man of today is so much busy that even cannot the change wall paper for a number of days. So this app helps you out in this context too. A different wallpaper of Elvis every five minutes, a treat for all his fans.

Good things always costs something, so that this app too. This Android app is available only for $0.99.



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