Emergency Panic Button Is Another Free Android App

Android applications are beating the technology market these days. Emergency Panic Button is another addition in the same venture. This is a must installation in any and every Android device. Its significance can be noticed that not only in sheer moments of tension it works, rather it works in urgency expected conditions as well. Its function is to keep our surroundings informed if we are in trouble. It is to be known by everybody dear and near to us. It is very easy to handle. The process is systematic and simple. Set up your contact list and any press on the list can alarm the people add in the list that you are in trouble?  In time of hazard a mail or a message pre-designed under some hidden keys in your set is sent to the pointed personnel. As the message or the mail is delivered the informed can locate you through your GPRS attached in the message received. Even it figures out any kind of expected harm if the button is triggered to the trusted list of persons in hurry or by chance. It ensures high security. It offers a password setting so that everything remains with the user and the network.

Free Android App

It just costs $1.49 . It has won 3.1 votes out to 5. People who are keen about security issues should not miss it. It enables the security of the device as well as the user. Go, go, go get it downloaded.



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