Enable iPad 2 Multi-Touch Gestures

Apple planned earlier to built new multitouch gestures within their new device- the iPad 2 as it was showing to be released with iOS 4.3. we are seeing the iOS 4.3 in market but there is no gestures there as per their early announcements. What these multitouch gestures do is, they allow the users to switch among application without going to the home button. But folks you don’t need to be sad, just make your mind to pay $5 only and you can use these multi-touch gestures with you iPad. These $5 will lead you to a code from any Apple store and this code will fulfill your requirement without jailbreaking your device.

Enable iPad 2 Multi-Touch Gestures

To do this you need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to any online OS X App Store
  2. Purchase Xcode 4 by paying $5 only
  3. Connect your iPad with your computer or laptop
  4. Click the use for development button, if some error popup regarding some questions like you are a developer or something else, just ignore it.
  5. Go to your iPad General settings
  6. Enable the Gestures

See you are done with this, it’s so easy.


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