Encode / Convert Media For Mobile Devices For Free

And yes it’s history now, like most technologies! The evolution within has taken it to the level next! We talk about smartphones, media players, smart TVs and cars. When it comes to streaming, and sharing media on your household gadgets, conversion or encoding becomes a requirement. As a result, proper HD quality can be enjoyed on any of the mediums. You can easily buy these encoders from computer retails stores and more easily, from online stores. There is a new use case of being able to convert media for mobile devices. Let’s look further!

encode convert media for mobile free

Convert Media For Mobile Devices With Encode HD

Yet, in this article, we reveal a free encoder and converter called Encode HD. It’s a free-of-cost application which will encode and convert media for mobile devices and media players. The software is small in size and easy to use. Simply select your device, and video file to be converted and click start. The process will start! The results will be fast with good quality video. Other options like AutoSplit, if a file over 4GB come in handy with the software. The software supports Apple TV, WD media player, Playstation, Zune devices and a number of different smartphones varying in manufacture.

Encode HD makes this possible by using a number of open-source conversion tools. Open source development has been on the go since the invention of ‘code’ itself. The Famous FFmpeg tool is one of those conversion tools being used in this encoder. Lastly, this free-to-use encoder supports XP, Vista and Windows 7.

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