Energizer Brings Wireless Inductive Charger For iPhone 4 and Qi Devices

Energizer for blackberryEnergizer is again making its fame in the technological world by introducing to their new product lines. It is launching Inductive Charger- a new product that is helpful for charging battery with no wire means it is a wireless technology that has a beautiful outlook. It is styled as a slim and sleeky charger for charging Qi devices 5 Watts or less.

Energizer presented many products that soon be released. Some of them are as follows:

  • Energizer Travel Adapter: An AC adapter that is compact all in one and includes iPhone/iPod dock, nightlight, three AC outlets, two USB outlets with numerous converters for international travel.
  • Energizer AC Universal USB Wall Charger: A single or dual wall model is ideal for charging smartphones, MP3 players, digital cameras and most other USB-powered gadgets, with a fold-out plug for easy storage and travel.
  • Energizer DC Universal USB Car Charger: Available in single or double model, the charger quickly converts a car/truck DC outlet into a USB charging station.

Energizer For iPhone 4

Inductive Charger

The charger is not coming alone in the market, Energizer produced Qi Sleeves for iPhone 4, iPhone 3G/3GS; Qi Door for BlackBerry Curve 8900. Along with Micro/Mini USB Adapter that create a connectivity bond. These made all the devices ready for Qi that can be charged from Inductive Wireless Charger.



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