Engadget’s Editor In Chief ‘Joshua Topolsky’ Resigns

Engadget’s Editor In Chief 'Joshua Topolsky' ResignsWell! Well! Well! After enjoying four blessed years in tech news industry, Engadget’s editor in chief, Joshua Topolsky resigns as AOL shakeup is found continued.  Joshua has been one of the hallmarks in the news writing game today and was serving since 2008. As reported by Kara Swisher at All Things D, the managing editor Nilay Patel is also ready to say good bye to his job.

The two out bursting and highly influential resignations have occurred after two days of the layoff announcements declared by AOL. It has been explicitly stated that these steps are undertaken in order to assure the quality and to elevate the tech news excellence. As a major key in the reshuffling and streamlining, 900 employees including 200 editorial staff are supposed to be laid off in the wake of its acquisition of the Huffington Post.

Rumors are in vogue that Topolsky’s leaving Engadget is not at all in any kind of relevance to The Huffington Post deal. As a matter of fact Arianna Huffington tried to persuade Topolsky to not to quit. The crux of the happening is held the same issue  under the conflict which was once the reason of Paul Miller’s and Ross Miller’s departure in February. To be specific it is “AOL Way” and the editorial direction of Engadget‘s parent company due to which such gemstones are on their way out of news culture. Previously AOL has been very hands off in its connections with Engadget and it is assumed that if the policies are revised few more losses are hoped.

In his last words typed on blog post, Joshua himself has cleared that leaving Engadget he won’t be “leaving the industry or the news game” and that he has a “few fantasy projects in mind.” .” Topolsky also submitted that he will carry on in a role as editor-at-large and will be hosting a few more episodes of the Engadget Show.



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