Epic Angry Birds Available For Windows Phone 7 For $2.99

Angry Birds, one of the most popular gaming apps now arrives on Windows Phone 7. The app has been available on Android and iOS platform for long with a number of updates and versions to it. It was overdue for long but its there now, not for free like Android but with a cost of $2.99. It was promised by Microsoft that the game would be launched in the end of May. Anyhow its here finally, Angry Birds fanatics can enjoy this epic game on their new Windows Phone 7 device.

The app belongs to the category of Must Have Games, and is available for download from your WP7 Marketplace or Zune. On the con side, the app only has 165 levels when compared to more levels present on other platforms. But hopefully, new levels could be seen in the new upcoming updates.

source: engadget

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