Exclude Folders / Pictures From Android Gallery With Gallery Excluder


Android stock gallery is no doubt neat and out of ordinary. It gives us the required experience similar that of Cooliris. But at times, it is required that pictures or folders shouldn’t show up in the gallery it self. Finally, a developer at XDA has developed an app, which makes it easier for users to exclude pictures / folders / directories from gallery.

At times, a new folder is created every time you install an app. Sometimes images get in there too i.e. album arts. Android system checks the memory for new media every time the device is restarted. Hence, all the media ends up appearing in your gallery. Gallery Excluder, lists all directories and subfolders of ‘/sdcard’ and ‘/mnt/sdcard’. Check the folders you want to exclude and do a manual update to your gallery via the options menu present in the app.

Definately a great tool and does what it says.

imageIt’s still a pre-market release, but can be downloaded by scanning the listed QR code.

download Gallery Excluder_v0.2.apk

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