Checking The Fatest Load Time: iPhone Or Android?

It is acknowledged worldwide that while downloading any kind of WebPages Android takes two third lesser times than iPhone. This fact is observed while comparing the world top two mobile OSes’ performance. The experiment was done by mobile-website–optimization company

Android And iPhone Comparison For Loading Webpages

It undertook more than 40,000 download of web pages regarding the Fortune 1000 companies. The iPhone took 52 percent longer than Android to provide full web pages. Where an average Android phone took 2.1 seconds to yield non–mobile-optimized web pages, while the iPhone consumed 3.2 seconds. Android has vanquished the iPhone in its unique feature of time saving time on site-loading remarkably in a massive of 84 percent of the time. It was also under the searched tugs that the much-touted JavaScript enhancements in the newly launched versions of Android and the iPhone had very less real-world effect on these web pages. This study has faced some kind of criticism as well yet much remains untold yet in order to reveal the truth!




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