Feed.nu Designed As A Free Android App For Your Blog

Feed.nu Is A Free Android AppWith the help of Feed.nu, cool WordPress plug in, you can create custom Android app for your blog. Feed.nu will be making all the work easy for you if you want a growing mobile audience for your blog. All you need to do is to get registered and input your blogs RSS information. You will then be able to edit your posts and play with other settings within your app as the web server takes your feed and imports it into a very easy to use WordPress based, CMS (Content Management System). Once configured, generate and download the APK, which you can use to submit and publish to the Android Market.

You can customize the colour of the border, background, list, text, and buttons and also set up your own app icon for branding and a lot more. Excitingly, Feed.nu also lets you integrate your Adsense account so that you can earn money from the app.


Benefits of the Feed.nu service include:

–        Easy to use Adsense integration

–        Custom icons, headers, and other graphics and access to a great Photoshop templates.

–        Readers can turn on/off automatic updating, change update time intervals, and whether to show or hide read and new items.

–        Like other advanced apps, all your feed updates (either automatically or by your reader clicking the sync button) get notification bar alerts

–        After registering with Google to develop apps, you can have your app in the Android app store in just a few minutes for anyone to download.

Feed.nu is absolutely free and can be downloaded from Android market.




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