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A Free App For iPhone, iPad Users Many of us may agree that it’s pretty hard to sustain one’s social media and digital connections, in terms of time and effort. And as a matter of fact, all these relationships/connections are the ones who pay off professionally at some stage. FellowUp, a private Beta website and iPhone app is based on idea to scale contact management for social media users. This Free App connects to Google APIs, Facebook and LinkedIn to serve as a web and mobile personal assistant to help users better manage their relationships.

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The app is created by Cohen just four weeks ago, and in Cohen’s words, is a personal executive assistant that finds insights from the user’s network.

FellowUp users just need to connect their third-party accounts and the startup will pull in contacts and calendar items. The website structures data into three tabs:

– My day; where FellowUp highlights updates like anything happening in the user’s network, like a birthday or a job change



So you will be able to seek out meaningful ways for you to engage with people. “It’s really like hiring a personal assistant,” Cohen says. “Every day that personal assistant learns how you like to behave and becomes super valuable with time.”

FellowUp has round about 1,000 users who are a mix of students, venture capitalists and sales professionals. Cohen says, “The latter group finds FellowUp to be a perfect personal version of Sales force and uses it to save the really important contact details they want to keep for themselves should they ever leave their current companies”.

This Free App exempted the need of any web or personal assistant for you. Give it a Try.



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