Saturday, September 19, 2020

File Expert: Best Android All In One File / Sharing / App Manager / SMB

Finally there is some Android file manager which deserves a proper review? You guys must be wondering why? Well number of reasons! First of all its free of cost. Being ADs free, it gives you every possible control to manage your overall device resources. Performance is optimal when compared and so is the size (small). Above all, it is the only available file manager in Android market which support both Device to PC and PC to Device transfer and play. By play we mean, media files can be played from PC onto your device with the help of supported SMB Client. The app is named File Expert, and the name outlines all the features.

snapsho2 snapshot1

Once the app is installed, the main screen appears. UI is neat and easy to navigate with. All basic file operations are available including copy, paste, move, create and rename items(files / folders). You can access your local and network directories with thumbnails, text viewer and image viewer. Built in archive manager allows you to create and decompress zip / rar archive. SD Card can be searched as well. App manager allows you backup and uninstall apps with multiple selection.

snapshot3 snapshot4

File Sharing allows you to share and manage files wirelessly from and through PC. File Expert provides both web and FTP client transfer support. And if your device is rooted, you can gain access to system folders via root explorer. Addition of wireless transfer was adequate enough though SMB clients jump in to access your host computer and play media files evenly.

Lastly, the app is full customizable. Jump into operation and you can gain access to app info, settings, theme manager, toolbar customization, tabs and toolbar control and of course, a donate and about page.


A great file manager for Android overall, we have tested it and plan on using it! Do download it and give it a try. Feel free to name any in the box below which can compete with File Expert.

Download File Expert

– search File Expert in Android Market

– scan the QR Code

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