Find EV Charging Stations With CarStations For Android And iPhone

Electrics cars have started to come around in consumer market on a large scale. Every other brand be it Japanese, American or European have launched full electric vehicle. They do install charging stations for customers at their home yet in public its still a bit hard to locate. Well wait no more, if you carry a Android based device or an iPhone! CarStations is an app which lets you find nearby charging stations.

With neat design and easy to use interface, user can view a map, list, search city, add a station, manage favorites and get handy with some more app settings. With all the set controls, this gps enabled app lets you find charging station for you green vehicle anywhere in the world. Apart from all the handy location based findings, users can also share newly find locations with CarStations users around the globe.

Download CarStations For Android / iPhone

– Search CarStations in Android Market

– Search CarStations in AppStore



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