Find Music And Create Playlists For Free With Hype For Android

Tired of going to YouTube locating your favorites and playing them, just because you don’t have the record on your device. Hype is an interesting free app on Android which lets you go through all the playlists and play them. Its a matter of three taps and you get to the desired song. You cannot download the song, yet you can play it as much as you want as long as you have it in your favorites.

How it works?! Simple. It picks up all the music posted on different blogs and reveals it in playlist. Create an account from the app so that you’re able to create playlists of desired songs. Hype has a simple interface which lists down all the songs, based on popularity. Tap more to find song details with a quick link to the source blog. Search feature just completes this app.


Download Hype

– Search Hype on Android Market

– Or scan the QR Code




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