How To: Fix Bricked Nexus S After IceCream Sandwich (ICS) Update

How To: Fix Bricked Nexus S After IceCream Sandwich (ICS) Update

News are there, that a number of AT & T Nexus S users (North America) have bricked their devices after OTA update of Ice Cream Sandwich. Why would that happen? because of bad and improper firmware ICS update. The solution is a tool developed by senior developers at XDA. This tool allows you to recover your bricked device. This tool gets boot loader back on track. On the contrary, for now this tool can only be used from Ubuntu. So if you don’t have Ubuntu running on your computer, download Ubuntu and load the OS.

After you’re done with Ubuntu setup, make sure Java is up to date on your system. (Click here to check if you have the latest version installed). Lastly after configuring both; Ubuntu OS and Java, download the Ressurector Tool which will un-brick Nexus S. (Click here to download Resurrector (Team Hummingmod’s UnBrickable Resurrector R38)). You have successfully met the requirements to use this tool to un-brick Nexus S.


1. In Ubuntu, locate downloaded Resurrector Folder and right-click UnBrickableResurrectorR38.jar.

2. Click Properties > Permissions > “Allow executing file as program”.

3. Plug in your Nexus S via USB cable.

3. Right-Click the resurrector, and open with Java.

4. Select ‘S5PC110 (Nexus S) from the drop down menu.

5. Click download button and enter password if required.

6. Hold down proper key combination on Nexus S, which will help you access Fastboot or Download Mode.

The button combination will take you to Fastboot or Download mode (as stated in pt 6). For download mode you can use tools like Odin to flash firmware onto your device. Fastboot would definately be a quick and easy option. Keep a look on the developers at XDA, since other users also comment on further testing and performance of this tool. Of course, in case you are having problems, we would recommend a quick look at the forum discussion on XDA.

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