Fix WiFi / Data Sync Issue For HTC One X With Smart Sync Disabler


Fix WiFi / Data Sync Issue For HTC One X With Smart Sync DisablerPreviously we have reviewed a tweak which does a quick fix to HTC One X GPS. One  X users are aware of some problems with the device like GPS and more reportedly Syncing issue at night times. Between the hours of midnight, the device lands into Smart Sync mode.

Sounds interesting, but what it does is that it disables WiFi and data connectivity after 15 minutes of inactivity on the device. While it was reported by users, many thought it was a hardware problem but in reality its a set policy on software which disables and goes in more kind of airplane mode.

HTC introduced SmartSync on all devices running Ice Cream Sandwich, which is to give users better battery life. Developers believe there is no such control over the so called power saving SmartSync. Folks at XDA have fixed this problem with SmartSync. A tweak which fixes device policy to disable WiFi and data connectivity while not in use. The best part about this fix, is that it works for all devices. Rooted or not, it will work.

Download SmartSync Disabler app and get control over these policies. Simply disable when required to prevent losing WiFi or data connectivity during night times.The app is available for free and donate version. Download this app and change the automated Sync settings, if needed.


SmartSync Disabler is not available anymore.

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