Floating Sticky Notes For Android With Quick Hide And Dock Feature

It’s quite annoying most times, actually at all times to do more than 2 taps to quickly take a note or switch apps and open the note-taking application on Android. Folks, this application has everything good to it, except for the name. (that’s what they say!). Floating sticky notes is a simple on-screen widget-sized application which just stays on your screen like a yellow sticky note you’d leave on the desk, etc.

It’s named Floating Stickies because it contains sticky notes that float(simple). It just stays on top of everything. It has more of a ‘bring to front’ feel at all times. The application is less than half an MB in size. This is not surprising because all it does is take notes. Users can add a sticky on screen at any time but a quick tap on the app name. Users can add as many sticky notes and are available in different colors (as visible in screenshots below).

floating sticky notes android
floating sticky notes android


One unique yet interesting feature of this quick app is users can swipe the note to left side to dock on screen. Hence, making it quite useful and giving quick access to all notes at all times. Floating Stickies except for the name, is a great simple, neat and useful tool for all kind of users. On the contrary, not everything is so great. It would be helpful if users can save or sync notes. Though, users can save the state of all sticky notes on the screen.



But again, if it comprises of all these features then the concept of quick and accessible might not be the best thing to have. It’s fast and unique and serves the purpose of quick note-taking and stick-it, sticky notes. Do give it a try, it’s available for free on Google Play Market. Feel free to share any other floating applications you like, and they might make it to our big floating Android list.

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