Font Choice Says About You Infographic

Typography accounts for more than 90% of website design. One of the vital reasons why users visit a webpage or website or more so a responsive web app in current times – is to read. This reading can be in terms of finding information or just reading the content. The words matter. The type matters. The fonts matter!

By definition, Typography is the art and technique of arranging type. It involves a number of things including typeface, point size, line length, color etc. The font in short; is a set of displayable or printable text characters in a specific style and size.

Moving on, we use fonts a lot. From reading to writing; to publishing content or making these cool graphics. Not to forget awesome-looking animations. Fonts are everywhere. You see them everywhere. There is also a great read about fonts and why they are important by Sarah Hyndman called ‘Why Fonts Matter.

The infographic we are sharing in this post talks about the font choice you have, as a user. You won’t care much about fonts provided you are a designer in some capacity and care about the looks, feel and aesthetics of the text being looked at.

Regardless, we all can define a good font which is neatly readable versus a bad font which is not so friendly and just doesn’t work. This font choice infographic looks at some of the most popular fonts of current times. Further, it provides feedback on what messages we might be sending with the selected font style.

Font Choice and Style: What Your Font Says About You Infographic

font choice infographic

There has been a point in time where you would think if you made the right font selection or not. Be it writing an email, that research paper which you worked really hard on – or just a simple text graphic you have been thinking of designing for that special one. These thoughts are valid and legit. And we have all been through that. Make your choices accordingly. The writer from the source suggests using ‘standard serif or sans-serif’ vs more decorative or script font’.

Hope you have enjoyed this infographic share; don’t forget to comment regarding your font choice and/or this graphic even. Plus, if you are out in the market for free and open source fonts for your next project. Check out Google Fonts and might have some good contenders for your font choice.

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