Fontjoy – Generate Fonts Based On AI

Finding the right font combination is always tricky in design. Working on a design project where you need to pair fonts. What could be the possible strategy to solve that problem and generate fonts within a decent time? In this article, we share an interesting find called Fontjoy. It allows users to generate paired fonts via one click or tap (in case you viewing from a mobile or tablet).

generate fonts with fontjoy

The creators of the app have solved the problem for users and based on deep learning / AI – users can generate fonts combination. The formula does so by finding similarities and considering other various factors. Curious to find out more about this pairing method? click here.

After generating a random font combination – three font styles will appear on the left side. You can select one to see tons of similar fonts and see it live in action. Lock your favourite font out of the three to generate more pairs and visualize the preview. On the live preview – we have three type styles visible including H1, H2 and body. This becomes a great helping hand for a quick preview.

fontjoy generate fonts with AI

Lastly, we have the ability to use the scroll to select five different variations. They include high contrast, more contrast, balance contrast, more similarity, and very similar. These options allow users to narrow down the results based on the pairing model. You can turn off the dark mode to see font combinations on a lighter background. This is a great tool and generates some promising results.

Generate Fonts with Fontjoy

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