Form Social Collaboration Groups With SMYLE Android App

Joining Social collaboration groups on the net, is one of the most popular activity for users who wish to meet new people, make friends and share ideas online. SMYLE is an Android app that allows users to collaborate socially by making online SMYLE groups of friends. These groups enable users to chat, collaborate and view each other’s location on maps via shared “smylets”- photos, maps, images etc. A smylet can also be said a shared virtual white board, as users within a group can collaborate with each other by placing or drawing icons on any smylet.

Smyle Android App

Features of SMYLE app are as under:

-Create and manage your personal groups for collaboration

-Facility of group based chat and image exchange

-White board allows you to use any image, maps or freehand drawings

-Real time location of your friends and yourself can be viewed

-Registered users can create up to five groups at any time

SMYLE groups are accessible from your Android phone or any standard web browser from the web. Get it from this LINK.


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