FotoFlexer: Advanced Free Photo Editor With Social Integration

fotoflexer free photo editor

Previously we reviewed some online photo editors including Pixlr Photoshop-like editor. (click here to read a complete review on Pixlr). In this article we review FotoFlexer. This tool has been there for around the last 5 years or so with constant updates and integration with social media platforms associated with photos. With this free and easy-to-use web-based image editing tool, users can create fun images with effects and filters. Users can directly load pictures from PhotoBucket, MySpace, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa and more.

Basic Tab

The online tool is created in flash, making the functionality better and perform wisely to user actions. Once you upload a picture or load it from a social website, the FotoFlexer platform loads up with a simple menu bar at the top, a tab-based menu for functionality and a loaded image at the bottom with the zoom feature. Users can go full screen at any time. Basic features include the auto fix, fix red eye, crop, copy region, resize, rotate, flip, adjust, contrast, and collage mode. Select any feature to get more controls of that specific control.

Effects Tab

Fotoflexer comes loaded with effects and adjustable controls to them. They include posterize, heart bokeh, heartify, patchwork, circle bokeh, retro, cross process, lomoish, super pixelate, comic, blur edges, blueprint, neon, grayscale, invert, painting, cartoon, pop art, bronze, sepia, old photo, ink stamp, color rotate, soften, tint, duo-tone, heat map, sketch, color sketch, fresco, film grain, night vision and more.

Decorate Tab

Users can decorate their images after quick color edits and cropping. Available features in this tab include stickers, text, glitter text, draw, erase, fill, grab color, insert a face, fun cards, borders and posters. Animation tabs allow users to add animated stickers to their images. Final touches can be given in terms of smoothness and sharpness. Twirl, bulge, pinch, stretch, and squish are some distortion effects available.

Layers Tab

The layers tab is interesting in its own way. Just like Photoshop layers, it allows users to add images or text on a separate layer. Users can adjust opacity, group, un-group and merge layers. Push-back and pull-forward options are available to move layers back and forth.

Lastly, the Geek tab, allows smart resize, recolor, cutout, scissors, curves, morph and webcam options. Webcam options allow users to integrate an image directly into FotoFlexer. Take a snap and add it to the current edit. All options available under Geek Tab have bit more controls to them. For example, smart resize allows users to shrink or grow images horizontally and vertically.

Overall Fotoflexer, is a decent free tool for quick Photo editing. Integration with social media platforms does make it go wild.

Click here to access FotoFlexer

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