Free Apps That Help You Discover Great Content On The Go

Are you looking to find some new ways for fun, videos, web pages and articles? Then instead of entering random Google searches for fun stuff, download these free apps and you will be able to discover a lot more than the online world has to offer you for your Smartphones as stated.


discover great content twitter

Let’s first look at the most obvious free app for Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Other than some good solid Twitter leads, you can find other better ways to discover great content and interesting links to videos, news, articles and pictures. You can easily find 100 worthwhile people to follow on Twitter.

Stumble Upon

discover great content stumble upon

StumbleUpon is a free app that runs on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The app can be said to the granddaddy to discover all cool, random fun stuff online. StumbleUpon’s mobile app is less than one year old, though it will celebrate its 10th anniversary later this year. They have 8 million users who have spent the past decade on millions of WebPages on specially installed browser bars; whether liking or disliking with a thumbs-up/thumbs-down system.

What’s exciting about StumbleUpon is, that the engine passes on recommendations from users whose interests seem similar to yours. By hitting the “Stumble button” you’ll get a random page that the engine selected according to your liking. The random pages will surprise and delight you more when you like or dislike their recommendations.


discover great content ireddit

Reddit is a social news website where users keep on posting stories, pictures or posts that are then rated by other users on the forum. Reddit is a self-described social news website that has gained readers in recent years as its contender Digg has lost them. iReddit is an easy way to explore the app on your iOS device while Android users can try it as “Reddit Is Fun” app.


Free App For Android And iOS

Pulse is more of a traditional newsreader with a pretty, photo-filled scrolling interface than StumbleUpon or Reddit — it uses RSS or Really Simple Syndication. The app has been launched less than a year ago on the iPad. Pulse enables you to save the article to Instapaper (an offline reader) when you have no internet access.

Folks Don’t miss this lucky chance to get the best apps in the app market.



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