Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Free Canada Long Distance Calling With Bud Phone For iPhone

“Rule # 186: Don’t pay for something you can get for free”, and that’s exactly the philosophy behind this post. Hello WT readers, today we introduce you to free long distance in Canada without even using your data plans! We present you your new best bud, Bud Phone. It’s a free app that can be downloaded from the Apple App store and turns your local phone into a Canadian long distance heaven. Once installed on your iOS device, you just need to enter the long distance number in it’s dialing pad and it will detect your location using your device built in location services.

Then it will prompt you to confirm your current location (you can also choose this manually, there are hundreds of cities on the list). Searching for your device’s location enables Bud Phone to figure out which local access number it needs to call. This is the root of this free heavenly goodness! Bud phone will dial a local access number and then connect you to your destination from it’s own lines so you just get charged for a local call. If you have free local calling then it’s completely free.





The beautiful thing about this app is it’s ability to let the user access their native iPhone contacts. This definitely tops my list for convenience and ease of use.Say your byes to calling cards when it comes to Canadian long distance and say hi to your new best Bud.

Cheers my WT comrades!


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