Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Free Unlimited / 2 Min Calls To US / CANADA From iPhone

We have a special for all the iPhone users today. We managed to figure out a way to make free calls from your jailbroken iPhone. I don’t think even the developer of this app knew it would be used for this purpose but still kudos to whoever came up with the genius idea. (Jailbroken iPhone only)


What you need to do is look for 123Spoof from Cydia and install it to your device. Click in the bottom button that says “call” , enter the number you need to call and any other phone number in the other field. The second number is basically if you want to fake your caller ID. For instance, I could use my friend John’s phone number to call my other friend Jenn. Now Jenn will see John’s phone number on her phone even though I am calling from my own phone. That’s the basic concept behind this app. However, I figured out that you can call any one from this app in US and Canada for free. How the app works is by rerouting the call to your local number and from there it dials the number you want to call on its own exchange. So even though you are calling local, the app is dialing anywhere in North America for you.

Notice: The only bad part is listening to the recorded 20 to 30 second advertisement at the beginning of the call. However, this is nothing compared to the benefits of free calling.

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