Funzy Bloc Is An Educational Android Game [Free Android App]

Funzy Bloc Android AppGame lovers always want something different; that what is fulfilled by this free Android game. Funzy Bloc puzzle game is a free Android app . Parents when need to have rest can turn on this game at their phones so that their children remain busy playing it. Involving children in puzzle game helps parents to get time for relaxation and to improve the picking power of children mind.

This puzzle is easy and much interesting to play with. You just need to slide the square boxes from left and right sides along with the screen to rotate the entire composition of boxes in the board. This free app has 100 levels in it and can be played solo or if you are in fight mood than compete against other players.

Funzy Bloc involves certain skills like making strategies to be used while playing the puzzle with quick calculation and make your finger agility flexible. It is highly useful for parents and youngsters so don’t waste time, go grab it.

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