Get / Redeem Coupons From Your iOS Device With Click Clip Deals

I stumbled upon this app on my local news paper and since then I have had free icecreams, shwarmas, 25% off my car’s oil change and a free teeth whitening from a dentist. ClickClipDeals is a hassle free way of finding deals in your around you. It’s coupons redefined for our new WT generation. Your location is located automatically and you are given the choice of choosing a category for coupons. You can choose a coupon of your liking and even use the built in maps to get to the shop/ restaurant/ dealership … Show your iPhone before you order and the retailer will simply click the top redeem button on the app to make it void and give you your goodies. In my case I walked out with two Dairy Queen Blizzards instead of one.

20110617-012706.jpg 20110617-012723.jpg

ClickClipDeals is still in it’s early phase so a lot of the small Canadian cities might not be covered. However, all the major cities are definitely there with tons of deals waiting to be fetched by our Canadian WT readers.

20110617-012755.jpg 20110617-012829.jpg

20110617-012846.jpg 20110617-012858.jpg

Why not be easy on your wallet this fathers day and still get your dad a cool present. Yay to deals and freebies!

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