Getting In Bed With Smart Gadgets Infographic

Technology is all over the place. Life has become so fast that imagine sitting idle for a few minutes and you will feel the need to have access to smart gadgets which get you to the web in terms of news, social media, smart apps and whatnot! The most popular time during the 24-hour time course is when one is about to sleep. In the bed with a smart gadget (phone or tablet) on your lap, either watching something or browsing. Some say it’s addiction, yet some say that’s a routine.

What we know about psychology┬áin general; has a lot to say about this as well. In this infographic (shared by our regular contributor), smart gadgets in bed and sleeping orders are numbered out. It’s clear that this addiction is not the best and lingers in between the productivity, the very next morning. And it hasn’t been long since these smart gadgets are acting more like personal devices in consumer’s life. Though, it can be an issue related to life orders and technology for the future. Hence, this information graphic is worth a view.

getting in bed with smart gadgets infographic

Lastly, the graphic is simple to the point and lays out the fact in form of a table. Information is easy to digest. Though the colours are okay, if not the best. Feel free to hit the share button, enjoy!

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