Glide Cloud Apps Are Now Available For QNX, Android Honeycomb And WebOS

Glide Cloud applications and services are now available free of cost  for QNX, Android Honeycomb and WebOS. Glide is one of the most sound and smart launching just appeared in the world of technology. It is a storage service for QNX, iOS, Android Honeycomb and webOS. It offers a complete facility of distribution and division between the iPad2, HP Touchpad, Motorola XOOM, Samsung Galaxy, BlackBerry Playbook and other tablets. It is very secure and trust worthy mode of sharing data, may it be any vedio, music, documents or photos.

Glide Storage

Not only this Glide also facilitates the user to have an access, edit and share all the files that are synced or uploaded from your PC, Mac and other devices. It has a huge space for data storage. The 30 GB data storage capacity makes it quite unique and alluring. The real mysteries will be resolved when the trial will be done. So lets wait and experience.



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