Global Nokia OVI Store App Purchase Overview Infographic

Nokia is a Finnish multinational telecommunication and mobile equipment company, focusing on the design and manufacture of mobile phones and related accessories. With over 192 million subscribers worldwide, Nokia is the second-largest cellular phone manufacturer in the world. For more than 110 years, Nokia has been building smartphones that put your needs first. That expertise, combined with modern technology, is what makes a Nokia phone great to own. Nokia’s history has its roots in the early 1900s as a phone manufacturing company. However, it didn’t become a global force until it was purchased by Microsoft in 2005 and integrated into the operating system of their then-new Lumia line of smartphones.

Another great addition to the WT infographic database. This infographic developed by Column Five Media keys out Nokia’s app store development and its overall payoff to Global Nokia. Developers overall benefit from consumer convenience, driving sales with operators and increasing overall revenue are the keys put out with facts and figures.

global nokia purchase overview infographic

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