Go To Your Mobile Browser And Visit Beta WT Mobile, Up & Running

Hello WT readers, we have been working on making an optimized version of wowtechy.com for all of our readers on smartphones and other smart devices. Finally after days and nights of no hard work, we present you the fruits of our labour, say hello to “WowTechy Mobile”. WT mobile will not only load in your mobile browsers at lightning speeds, it’s very friendly and simple interface will make it a delight to read.

Guys, if you find any thing out of place despite all our efforts, please drop us a line and we will surely get on fixing it asap. It’s still a Beta version so bear with us, we just wanted to get it out there so that we can also integrate our readers’ suggestions into the site.

Apart from this, happy browsing on your devices!

P.S. Have you subscribed to us via live feed or Email /bookmark WowTechy Mobile as favorite on your browser, if not then do it now and stay upto date with WT – Everything Technology! (c).

Mobile Beta Verion was successfully tested on Nexus S, iPhone 4G and Blackberry Storm.

WT Team!

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