Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Good Bye To JAVA, James Gosling Hands In Hands With Google

Previously Gosling was working with Sun Microsystems. He left the company after they merged with Oracle, the company currently suing Google over claims of stolen code within the Android source. It was said by Gosling that apparently from the very first of this acquisition Oracle urged to follow legal action against Google. As it is a fact everybody acknowledges that unheard melodies are sweeter than the heard melodies; same happened here as well. Gosling told that for this and other reasons he paved his ways with the software company. This surely does not mean that he did not have any knowhow about Google going on in the gone years. Speaking about Android, Gosling once claimed while he spoke about Android that the OS has pretty much played out the way that we feared: there is enough fragmentation among Android handsets to significantly restrict the freedom of software developers.

Leaving the gone stories, it is assumed that Gosling’s steps will drag the unfathomable sea of knowledge and innovation to a company and that the company sees no short supply of the two. Even if Gosling never speaks any hit on Android, it is a one of the most dominant win for all.

Undoubtedly Gosling was a prominent critic of Google and their dealing up of the Android OS in the past. James Gosling, otherwise is famous as the father of Java in the wide world of technology information mania. Now the hot cake is that he has taken a job with the company. To clear the fact, it is still uncertain whether he will work with focus on Google’s mobile OS or his attention will be needed somewhere else. This mystery is still unresolved and it is assumed it will remain! As one of his statement in this regard indulges everybody in quires. He said that he will be working on “a bit of everything.” It is obvious that the saying is catchy and conspiring!

James Gosling

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