Google / Amazon / Apple: Highest Tech Ads Spenders For 2011

Advertising has taken itself to new heights. We examine that exclusively on global and promotional advertising via the world wide web. Google, Amazon and Apple were some of the highest tech ads spending companies for last year, 2011. This infographic looks at the ad spending of some technology giants and looks at their growth rate. Information graphic comes wrapped in a clean design.

Data with facts and figures are laid out neatly when it comes to company comparison in terms of spending, growth rate, revenue etc. The design is keen to focus on figures for ad spending by these tech giants. Moving on, we visually see a graph of buildings with entitled company names showing annual ad spending in millions of dollars.

Informative topic and a neat design overall. Feel free to share!

tech ads spenders infographic

Thanks to our regular contributor, Mu for the share.


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