Google Instant Previews For Mobile Works Cool !

Booming today Google Instant Previews is available on mobile for android (2.2+) and iOS (4.0+) devices varying in 38 languages. Instant previews facilitate the user with a time economical and interactive means to evaluate search results. It is the same as the desktop version of Instant Previews. You can easily compare and counteract search results from webpage snapshots, feasible to choose the right result quickly and efficiently, especially when you have a choice of the content you’d like to see.

google instant previews

Just for an instance, you can view the below given example: While searching for a webpage that offers both images and text, you can utilize instant previews in a much handy way, just by tapping your fingers across certain keys. Moreover, if you are probably looking for an article, a step-wise list of directives or a chart showing a comparison of a newly launched product, Google instant previews aid to focus on the relevant pages without wandering back and forth between various websites and search results.

Ultimately when you hit the mobile mode you will be exposed to the preview of the mobile page of the website being visited. This efficient Google instant preview features make search simplified for users for example searching for a recipe. Hope you enjoyed this read and feel free to share around. If you are having issues with Google instant previews on your specific device, head over to Google Support to find answers.

Update: Google Instant Previews feature was dropped from search results due to low usage.

[ VIA: Google Mobile Blog ]



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