Google Latitude App, Google Places App And Gmail App For iPhone Get Updated By Google

Google is giving one of the best supports to its user either it in the form of apps, search results or technological world. It is always seen trying to upgrade the scale for features enhancement and improvements. Now Google comes up with a new version of Google Latitude and Google Places for iPhone. As these are the upgraded version so surely they got some extra features too.

Google Latitude

Google Latitude:

Last year Google released Google Latitude app in its native version. By this app you can communicate and locate where you are and where your friends are with no offense. You must be looking for what new feature Google released in this new version. So, this version will let you check your mates at specific locations. This is interesting man. Your friend can’t lie to you now, you can check him at restaurants, parks or any specified place. He will get the notification too that you are around. Ooopss; this app will also help you for searching any new place.

Google Places:

Google Places App

Google released new version of this app too. Now you can personalize and search your nearby places with their ratings. This new version gives you ratings in 30 different languages and you can personalize it.


Gmail Google

Earlier Gmail iPhone web app version was released; now Google made a new connection bar in this app which according to us will be much helpful for users who are intended towards the usage of checking mails through web app instead of Mail app.

Are you excited to use these updated Google apps and see what other features got improvement by Google?


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