Friday, September 25, 2020

Google Lets You Manage And Block Unwanted Websites

Everyone is amazed by the extension in Google Chrome browser, introduced last month. This extension is Chrome browser allows users to block sites from search results that they don’t want to see anymore. This extension is known as “Personal Block list” and instantaneously became popular because of its ability to increase the search result quality significantly for an individual.

Google Lets You Manage Blocked Sites

Though it has been of great help for users, it came with a limitation. You have to use Chrome browser and install plug-in to get advantage of the Personal Block list. What about rest who prefer to use any other browser like internet explorer, hotbot or Firefox? So the users are forced to use Chrome browser only to get facilitated by this facility.

Google by realizing this limitation has responded well by introducing an alternative filtering option that is browser-independent and requires no plug-ins. This filtering option is managed by a Google account and turns out to be a part of the search result link options. As long as you are logged in to your Google account, it can remember which sites you have blocked so they won’t appear next time you search. Well but without a login you can block search results for the time being only.

You can see the list of blocked sites by clicking at the link at the bottom of the search page. Personal Block list option is now available with the English-language versions of Chrome 9+, Firefox 3.5 + or IE8+.

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