Google Maps Is Widely Loved Among Smartphone Users

GOOGLE MAPS ENJOYS 150 MILLION MOBILE USERS A YEARGoogle Maps are the ultimate choice for mobile users looking to get around as Google Maps navigated over 12 billion miles in the last year. Many of the features of Google Maps for Android devices can not be accessed on iPhone, because Android has got a larger number of audience.

Google VP Marissa Mayer announced while speaking at the annual geek confab as South by Southwest that “Google Maps is being used by over 150 million mobile map users, about 40 % of the apps’ usage”. Mayer further added that company is always working on interface improvement for Google Maps, hence the future looks bright for the app. Google Maps are designed with a goal in mind; App should be more contextually aware so to analyze the driver’s route and suggest better alternatives automatically.

Mayer went on to say that thanks to Google’s new traffic routing feature, users are saving about 2 years worth of time every day rerouting their driving to get by bad traffic.

One thing that many people are concerned about is ‘privacy’ as Google’s motto is to access every detail of their user’s lives to provide even greater services in terms of real time traffic data and weather conditions that could affect the users. Access to personal details can be annoying for many but it’s pretty hard to complain when you can get around with ease and convenience with the help of your Smartphone.




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