Google Voice Integration Comes To All Android Phones

Sprint has become the first carrier to announce the integrated Google Voice Service to all of its CDMA phones. Google has also made a special deal with Sprint to launch the Nexus S 4G. Sprint customers though were previously enjoying Google Voice, but now excitingly enough they will be able to set their existing Sprint wireless phone number as their Google Voice number. Now the customers no longer have to pay the fees associated with porting their number hence no more bothering J .

Google Voice Integration

Google has not specified the launch date for the integrated Google Voice features but reported on their blog that it will be available soon, and once launched, Google will be rolled out gradually to all Google Voice users.

Sprint users will enjoy the features like Online Voice mail, Customization and control, low priced international calling etc, once Google Voice is enabled:

-Now you will never miss a call as you can pick the phones you want to ring (home, office, etc.) when your Sprint number is dialed.

-You can check and keep all your messages (by phone, email, or on the web) as long as you want to. Plus your messages will be converted into text and sent to you via text message or email.

-Create and assign personalized voice-mail greetings for specific callers, unwanted callers can be blocked, mark telemarketers as spam and make international calls at very low rates.

What Sprinter says about Google Voice integration?

Google Voice makes it easy for people to manage and access most of their voice-based communication. It lets users manage up to six different devices through one phone number with intelligent call routing and advanced features like call screening, blocking and recording using the phone’s dial pad. Sprint subscribers will be able to use their Sprint number across their office, home and wireless phones, and personalize settings so calls from friends ring their wireless device and home phone, while calls from the boss only ring at the office. Google Voice users can receive transcribed voicemails and read or listen to them online. They can also read, send and search text messages and call logs online.

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