Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Google’s Android Bear-Hug For LG:New LG/Nexus Tablets Coming Soon?

Google is known well to hold another CE company every few months. Google has provided manufacturer resources and manpower to HTC and GI to produce a powerful contest in the Smartphone race. This was just the beginning; Google then continued with Motorola for the Droid then accompanied Samsung for longer.

Used BearyBigHug Poem

The Android  ‘Bear-Hug’ make manufacturer to access Google’s engineers and pre-released code for software update. Now the rumor is that Google is going to set its sight on LG. If  true, we are pretty sure of a Nexus S tablet is on its way from LG running a pitch perfect version of Honeycomb. And hence it means that all people with a 2.x Android Tablet will be highly disappointed by the news.

Mobile –Review confirms the rumor by stating,

“Producers wishing to make tablets for Android 3.0 sign a separate license agreement with Google. It also contains a number of very interesting points. In particular, the producer who created a device in OS version 2.x cannot update it to 3.0. It is possible that this was the reason that the HTC Flyer in most versions will be released immediately with the third version of the OS”.

Wonder what will be the effect if LG releases a Nexus device? May be not much but the LG Nexus tablet will become the baseline device and all other Android devices will be competing against this particular device. The manufacturer will know their best interest is in copying the LG Nexus as Google will be offering its software help and expertise to LG nexus to be a pure Honeycomb.

What are the few extremely good reasons why Google performs this bear hug?

-Assure that the manufacturer doesn’t release sub par product and it acts as a training session for the company’s internal staff

– Ensures that it has a device or two that it can point to and say “Develop for that. That’s what we’re all using.”

So we all hope to see a new LG/Nexus tablet coming soon in the market.

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