Friday, September 25, 2020

Gravitron Android App Gives Life To Your Mobile Screen

Wallpapers For Android PhoneOut of worlds best mobile applications Gravitron is one. It transforms your gloomy Android screen to something live and full of energy. Gravitron is remarkable wallpaper based on particles with special effects. You merely apply one preset and start enjoying the dancing particles in shape of circles, squares, heart, stars, spades or even droids depending on your mood and choice. You can also switch presets if not satisfied or want to look for better ones. There are up to 10 presets available in the full boom till now for outclass wallpapers. You can set and reset all the settings including color, shape, speed to camera behavior and much more. It allows you to make a wall paper of your own taste and feeling. Such an outstanding application is not less than a miracle in somewhat mechanical life of technology. Above all it is cost free application. It has got the rating of 3.10 out of 5 at the current. So here is the way to turn your dead machines into lively and fun rich coloring effects.

Graviton must not be missed because of its amazing features. You can download it for Free.


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