GreenPois0n gets a new RC6 Update: JailBreak Your AppleTV Now!

wohoo – I’m going crazy; though there is not a single reason behind this madness but one of the main reasons is the latest update from CultOfMac that says now folks can jailbreak their AppleTV too with GreenPois0n that recently got RC6 update.

This release candidate 6 helps you in jailbreaking second generation AppleTV. Yes now you can install the other famous NitoTV software on your AppleTV and get enhanced performance along with some other new features.

Furthermore it is an untethered jailbreak for all devices. Aah don’t you know about untethered jailbreaking?? Don’t worry; I also didn’t know some months ago 😛 . Untethered jailbreaking means you don’t need to plug them in to computer when you want to boot them.

Waiting for what? Download the updated GreenPois0n for Windows or Mac from THIS LINK . (not available)


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